Thursday, September 22, 2011

George Fournier, Friend or Relative?

George Fournier of Tavistock Square, formerly of Staines in the county of Middlesex, drafted a will in 1834 and added many codicils before it was proved 9 June 1841. PROB 11/1947
From the will, here's a list of relatives known to me, how Fournier identified them, and the amounts of his legacies to them:
William Green of Halifax, Nova Scotia, son of Mrs. Esdaile 500 pounds sterling
Each of William Green's children (he doesn't name them but we know there are a lot) living at (Fournier's) death: 100 pounds when they turn twenty-one
Mrs. Esdaile, William Green's mother: 300 pounds
Louisa Aitchison, Mrs. Esdaile's daughter: 300 pounds
Helen Bayley, the wife of John Bayley and sister of the late William Goodall: 300 pounds
Henry Farr, son of Mrs Bayley and now at the blue collar school: 100 pounds
William Green Jr., son of William Green of Halifax, Nova Scotia: 300 pounds to assist him in his profession which he is going to practice in St John, Newfound Land
Katherine Grant and the two other children now living of Mrs. Aitchison 100 pounds each.

Using a retail price index, the Economic History Association website values a hundred 1834 pounds as £8,650.00 in 2011 or about $13,000 US.

So who is George Fournier to us? He was one of the bankruptcy assignees for William Goodall of Garlick Hill in 1817. That's from a cached google page of the Cornwall Council Record Office. That's all I know for now!

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