Tuesday, October 14, 2014

George Edward Thomas Portrait

This lovely pencil portrait is from Lynn Fraley. Here's the inscription on the back:
Father of Louis A Thomas
George Edward Thomas
Born September 30, 1800
Died December 28, 1877
Buried Bedford Cemetery
George Edward Thomas was the youngest son of Richard Thomas
A lineal descendant of Sir Thomas Remmington
Owner of large estates in Yorkshire, England

The inscription is written in my grandmother's hand. She was Kathryn Pilkington Thomas (1895-1969), Louis A Thomas's daughter-in-law and the wife of Marion R. Thomas (1895-1965).

George Thomas married Eliza Esdaile's granddaughter Katherine Eliza Grant. Besides Louis Albert Thomas, they had John Valpey Thomas and Katherine Louisa Margaret Thomas, neither of whom had children.

This George Edward Thomas was a widower when he married Kate Grant. His first wife was Mary Ann Barron. Their children were Richard and William Thomas and Mary Ann Fox.

The syntax is unclear, but if anyone owned large estates in Yorkshire, it was Sir Thomas Remmington. George Thomas was a coal merchant who listed his occupation as "gentleman" later in life, but he did not leave an estate. George's father, Richard Thomas, was a London silversmith, and no Yorkshire estates are mentioned in his will.

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