Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Clue for William Grant's Birth Record

Cousins, here's a clue that will help us find a birth record for Eliza Esdaile's son-in-law, William Grant, the first husband of  Louisa Green. The Hampshire Chronicle, dated 4 February 1822 includes the following death notice:

Died on the Jamaica station, William Grant, esq. of New Fishbourne, Purser of his Majesty's Ship Pyramus, aged 32 years.

Medical accounts of yellow fever on the Pyramus (in another blog post here) say the purser died in early November of 1821 so we're looking for a birth date between November of 1788 and November of 1789.  I believe I've seen a naval record for him from the National Archives scrawled "born London", but I can't put my hand to it this morning. 

If you take on the task of finding his birth record, recall that his parents, with their Scottish name, may be Presbyterian rather than C of E.

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